Submit an application

The Board of the Foundation only accepts applications for funding within its mission. It meets at irregular intervals and is autonomous in its decisions.

There is no entitlement to donations. Positive responses to applications are communicated in writing, otherwise no correspondence will be made.

If you would like to submit an application, please note the notices and requirements below.

The Foundation
  1. preferably supports infrastructure projects.
  2. awards startup funding, it takes over annual fixed grants only in exceptional cases.
  3. demands own contribution from the applicant and usually does not take over the whole amount of a project.
  4. wants to contribute in creating added value and thus to initiate help for self-help.
Requirements for submission of an application

For all projects, please use the application form and send it to gesuch[at]

Depending on the application size, the following additional information is required (see table below):

A. Fundraising: Are state funds or other foundations involved? Do you receive contributions from church taxes? List requested/granted amount by funder.
B. Offers from at least two different providers
C. Scheduled timeline or time horizon for the overall project.

Application size
(converted in CHF)
Nature of the project
<= CHF 10’000.- between CHF 10’001.-
and 49’999.-
>= CHF 50’000.-
Infrastructure projects
Construction/renovation of churches, educational buildings, hospitals, homes, libraries, organs

A, B

A, B, C

Initiatives, mesures
Study grants, personnel projects, symposia, religious or spiritual media

A, C

Not possible

Individual aids of material nature
Material, machinery, vehicles


A, B

Not possible